Vikram Zutshi
Filmmaker and Columnist

Vikram Zutshi is an author, journalist and media professional. He has written over a hundred articles on art, religion, politics, history and cinema across well-known Indian and international portals including The Hindu, Times of India, Rolling Stone, The Wire, Quint, Punch Magazine, Open Democracy among others.

Vikram worked in the film and television industry in Los Angeles and Mexico city in multiple capacities including production, editing and sales before venturing into film direction. He has directed four critically acclaimed feature-length documentaries, Max Kennedy and the American Dream, Love Rush, The Disruptor, and  Darshan: The Living Art of India premiered in various international film festivals. His present focus is ‘The Big Turtle Podcast’, a regular series of conversations with experts across the fields of science, literature, history and art. He also maintains his own curated online publication, the Sutra Journal, covering a wide range of topics related to Indic and South Asian traditions. He is also a philanthropist, involved in several charities that empower and educate street children in Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India.