Ullekh N P
Author / Social-critic

Delhi-based author, journalist and political commentator, Ullekh N.P., has worked with leading dailies including the Economic Times, and media houses like India Today and The Mint. Currently serving as the editor of OPEN magazine, Ullekh writes on domestic and international political affairs. His interviews with significant thinkers, politicians and philosophers including Martha Nussbaum, Amartya Sen, Ak Anthony, Raghuram Rajan, among others, are significant journalistic contributions.

Ullekh has also recently authored Kannur: Inside India’s Bloodiest Revenge Politics (2018) published by Penguin Viking. The work charts for the reader the political climate of Kannur in Kerala and why it often slips into deadly violence and vendetta politics. His 2016-work The Untold Vajpayee: Politician and Paradox explores Vajpayee’s personality and his career as a seasoned politician.