Priyanka Chandrashekar
Bharatanatyam Exponent

Priyanka Chandrasekhar is a lawyer by education and a professional classical dancer based in Bangalore. She is trained in Bharathanatyam for more than 25 years and Kathak for about 10 years. She has also learned the margi techniques of movement. Priyanka has performed extensively in both solo and group formats in India and abroad along with popular dance companies. She is currently a freelance performer. She loves to undertake choreography/ dramaturgy projects. She enjoys process-based work and building work through facilitation. Priyanka conducts Bharatanatyam classes under the initiative - ‘Nirali’.

Presently, Priyanka is trying to relook at the pedagogy of classical dance and aspires to design a new curriculum in classical arts. With a keen interest in the politics of the form and its history, Priyanka’s present work explores interdisciplinary approaches, methods, and collaborations that provide space and agency for her co-creators and audiences. She hopes to create a new body of work in Bharathanatyam that accommodates relevant content, a thinking mind, questions, personal stories and has the ability to leave the audiences with an experience.