Preeti Gill

Preeti Gill is an independent editor and literary agent. As a commissioning editor and rights manager, she has more than twenty years of experience in the publishing industry. In her role as a literary agent, she represents well-known, critically acclaimed writers of fiction and creative non-fiction. She has edited and co-edited a number of volumes of essays on pertinent issues including gender, violence, nation and identity. Some of her books are, The Peripheral Centre: Voices from India’s Northeast; Bearing Witness: A Report on the Impact of Conflict on Women in Nagaland and Assam (co-edited with Sanjoy Hazarika),  Shadow Lives: Widowhood in India (co-edited with Uma Chakravarty) and Insider/Outsider: Belonging and Unbelonging in Northeast India (along with Samrat Choudhary). She has worked on a number of documentaries as a scriptwriter and researcher, including Rambha: Mizoram’s ‘Trouble’ Years which she has co-produced with Sanjoy Hazarika.

Preeti is the founder of Majha House, a literary and cultural center in the city of Amritsar.