Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is an Indian rock band formed in 1990, widely recognized as the pioneers of the fusion rock genre in India. Guitarist Susmit Sen, percussionist and tabla player Asheem Chakravarty, lead singer and vocalist Rahul Ram and drummer Amit Kilam were the band members till Chakravarty's demise on 25 December 2009, after which Tuheen Chakravorty and Himanshu Joshi were officially inducted into the band. Susmit Sen left the band in 2013 and was replaced by guitarist Nikhil Rao. Marking a career graph of over three decades, Indian Ocean was formed in a decade identified as the golden era of Indian rock music. Their eponymous debut album (Indian Ocean) was released in 1993 and sold 40000 copies. Popular success came their way with the release of their third album Kandisa (2000), which in 5 years went on to regularly feature in iTunes' world music top ten charts. The band has explored multiple music genres integrating themes from Sufism, environmentalism and mythology. Their unique blend of contemporary rock mixed with Indian folk and classical, with jazz inflections have earned them a cult status among the listeners. Many of the music acts of the last two decades have been influenced by the fusion routine started by Indian Ocean. Associated with some iconic live performances, they are one of the rare music bands in India to have performed the maximum number of live shows. They have also rendered the soundtracks and background scores for several Bollywood movies including Black Friday(2004), Gulaal (2009) Peepli Live (2010), Satyagraha (2013) and Masaan (2015).