Himanjali Sankar
Writer and Editor

Sankar has been an editor of fiction, narrative non-fiction, travel books and academic journals. She has worked in various capacities in publishing houses and academic departments. In an academic position, she had worked in CWDS as an editor for the ‘Indian Journal of Gender Studies and for the research project, ‘A Century of Women's Expanding Horizons’. She has worked with Bloomsbury India, as a publisher of both fiction and narrative non-fiction. Prior to that, she was an editor of children’s literature with Scholastic India. Recently, she has been named as the editorial director of Simon & Schuster India.

Himanjali’s first novel for adults, Mrs. C Remembers won her the FICCI Publishing Award for Upcoming Author for the year in 2018. Her novel for young children, The Stupendous Timetelling Superdog, and her young adult novel, Talking of Muskaan, were shortlisted for the Crossword Award for Children’s writing in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Her latest novel The Lies We Tell isn’t your average fun read, though it is a romance of sorts. Through her protagonists, Himanjali explores the world of the millennial teenager — the pressures they deal with, the weight of parental and adult expectations, their friendships and loves, and how some of them are more fragile than others.